Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Review Tour : Protostar by Braxton A. Cosby

Book Blurb

On the brink of Civil War, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his Council, King Gregorio Derry has agreed to send his only son William, on a mission to restore honor to his family. What starts out routine, becomes a lot more complicated as an inopportune crash landing delays the assassination. During this time, William begins to form a 'connection' with Sydney that challenges his inner being. But this conflict is the least of his problems, as a conspiracy back on his home planet Fabricius threatens the lives of those he loves and his father's royal legacy. Along with that, he must unravel a hidden threat here on Earth that seeks to secure a vested interest that threatens both his and Sydney's safety. Will William be able to complete his mission or will he choose love, sacrificing everything he stands for?

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ProtoStar is the Readers Favorite Book of the Year Award Winner for the Romance: Fantasy-Sci-Fi category. 

About the Author

Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a passion for inspiring others to love, in spite of circumstance and convenience. Braxton creates stories in his mind that he desires to put on paper and share with the entire world. His calling to pen a young-adult series that is smart, witty, and thought provoking, has challenged readers to answer the question: What would you choose, love or irrevocable duty? Braxton lives in Atlanta, GA, where he co-hosts a local radio show on WAOK which is a mash-up of current events and health and wellness. He also has a blog where he discusses everything from health and entertainment to spirituality and relationships.

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My Review

First of all I must say that I am not a great fan of science fiction and this probably is my first science fiction book ever. I gave in for it was in YA and Romance genre and also the amazing book cover. And yes I wanted to know how science fiction and romance go hand in hand. The blend was really good to my surprise.

The book is about Prince William, who is from another galaxy, is sent to earth to kill a star child. Killing this star child was an unfinished business and his predecessors have failed. Now William is their only hope since this star child is a threat to their galaxy. The star child here being Sydney, who has just turned seventeen, is all unknown about her potentially lethal destiny and lives her life simple.

While the task was to kill the star child and get back to his planet Fabricius, which is located hundreds of light years away, William makes the mistake of getting to know Sydney which eventually lands him in trouble because he is unable to kill this simple, lovable girl.

I loved almost everything - the writing style, the love story, the twists and turns and also each character. My personal favorite is Prince William and IMPI. The story is all about love which has no boundaries. The language is quite simple and lucid and very easy to digest as well. The thing that attracted me more towards this is book is the twists and turns in the story. I loved all the twists and turns.

Over all it’s a wonderful, heart-warming book about finding love in the least unexpected way and fighting for it. Can’t wait more to grab the second part J

**** stars

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  1. Thank you. So glad you liked it. I'm humbled! Can you please post to amazon and good reads as well? Thanks again.