Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I guess its been a reeeeelly long time since i logged in and posted anything on my blog.
Well life has been busy. Not to mention the laziness..

So finally i retrieved my long lost password and here I am back to scribbling.

So here is a glimpse of what i have been up to, not regularly though.

I have been reading a lot of books. Reading has been such a fun.

Showcasing my "mini" collection.

I have been clicking pictures randomly.
Long Lost bridge

A Lone traveler

Vintage obsession

Of blurry nights

More of my selfies and other passions can be found  http://instagram.com/the_nomad_in_me 

I happen to get a tattoo done and this how it looks now :-)

And yes i did try my hand on poetry and this is how it goes :-

What is the rhythm of life,
She keeps asking herself,
Wide awake at night,
Wondering what melody life has chosen for her.

Her days starts and ends with books,
The only companions she prefers to have,.
Has she lost her hope with the world.

All around her room, you find books, piles of them.
Her best friends are the Oscar Wildes and the Hemingways.
Has she lost her hope with this world.

Wide awake at night,
She stares at the roof,
What is the rhythm of her life.
What melody has her life chosen for her

Well the poem pretty much sums up the whole scenario. So off i go now. Will be back soon :)

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