Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LaSt dAYs F 3Rd yR ! ! ! ! !

Gone are those days f 3rd yr ver v frenz used to sit in d last bench n do all kinds f masthi n thamashas. . Irritatin staffs , passin chits , msgn to each otr , throwin bit papers n makin class dirty , sittin in d last desk n commentin on each evry pals n outsiders , listenin to music N wEl oF couSe very rarely sleepin ! ! ! MiSsiN dat old laSt beNch n d scribblingS made on it . . . LaSt beNcH RoCkZZZZZ !!!


  1. Same can be done in 4th yr too :)

  2. yeah why do u think 3rd is the end of all..?

    hey and i just loved the blog title - holds some potential. Keep blogging.. :)